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Автор:  Reseacher
Дата:  24-Mar-2006 15:32 (gmt = -3.0)

Search Senior System Development Engineer Python/C. Moscow.

Requirements: From 3 years experience in development of operating system level products and tools. Engineers with direct experience in the development of file systems or related file system tools are highly desirable. Experience with network based data movement tools such as FTP . An understanding of scalable systems design is required for this position. Tools for managing this data must use innovative techniques. Experienced in development of distributed development where components of the system are running on multiple computers. Development in cluster based systems is a plus. Expert in the use C, Python, Perforce, Bugzilla. Proven ability to provide high quality design documents. Good spoken and written English skills.

Responsibilities: This position is responsible for the design and development of data management applications for Clustered Storage Systems. The applications will monitor the state of one or more clusters providing details on the current state of hard, networks and storage. The tools will also provide in depth analysis of the data that resides in the system including the statistics about the content analysis on the growth of content and other information that will help in capacity planning.

Additional Information: The salary is discussed with successful candidates, social package. Please send you English CV by e-mail:

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