13.6.2 Objects in the DOM

The definitive documentation for the DOM is the DOM specification from the W3C.

Note that DOM attributes may also be manipulated as nodes instead of as simple strings. It is fairly rare that you must do this, however, so this usage is not yet documented.

Interface Section Purpose
DOMImplementation 13.6.2 Interface to the underlying implementation.
Node 13.6.2 Base interface for most objects in a document.
NodeList 13.6.2 Interface for a sequence of nodes.
DocumentType 13.6.2 Information about the declarations needed to process a document.
Document 13.6.2 Object which represents an entire document.
Element 13.6.2 Element nodes in the document hierarchy.
Attr 13.6.2 Attribute value nodes on element nodes.
Comment 13.6.2 Representation of comments in the source document.
Text 13.6.2 Nodes containing textual content from the document.
ProcessingInstruction 13.6.2 Processing instruction representation.

An additional section describes the exceptions defined for working with the DOM in Python.

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