3.16 copy_reg -- Register pickle support functions

The copy_reg module provides support for the pickle and cPickle modules. The copy module is likely to use this in the future as well. It provides configuration information about object constructors which are not classes. Such constructors may be factory functions or class instances.

constructor( object)
Declares object to be a valid constructor. If object is not callable (and hence not valid as a constructor), raises TypeError.

pickle( type, function[, constructor])
Declares that function should be used as a ``reduction'' function for objects of type type; type must not be a ``classic'' class object. (Classic classes are handled differently; see the documentation for the pickle module for details.) function should return either a string or a tuple containing two or three elements.

The optional constructor parameter, if provided, is a callable object which can be used to reconstruct the object when called with the tuple of arguments returned by function at pickling time. TypeError will be raised if object is a class or constructor is not callable.

See the pickle module for more details on the interface expected of function and constructor.

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