2.1 Listing whole packages

The packages option tells the Distutils to process (build, distribute, install, etc.) all pure Python modules found in each package mentioned in the packages list. In order to do this, of course, there has to be a correspondence between package names and directories in the filesystem. The default correspondence is the most obvious one, i.e. package distutils is found in the directory distutils relative to the distribution root. Thus, when you say packages = ['foo'] in your setup script, you are promising that the Distutils will find a file foo/__init__.py (which might be spelled differently on your system, but you get the idea) relative to the directory where your setup script lives. If you break this promise, the Distutils will issue a warning but still process the broken package anyways.

If you use a different convention to lay out your source directory, that's no problem: you just have to supply the package_dir option to tell the Distutils about your convention. For example, say you keep all Python source under lib, so that modules in the ``root package'' (i.e., not in any package at all) are in lib, modules in the foo package are in lib/foo, and so forth. Then you would put

package_dir = {'': 'lib'}

in your setup script. The keys to this dictionary are package names, and an empty package name stands for the root package. The values are directory names relative to your distribution root. In this case, when you say packages = ['foo'], you are promising that the file lib/foo/__init__.py exists.

Another possible convention is to put the foo package right in lib, the foo.bar package in lib/bar, etc. This would be written in the setup script as

package_dir = {'foo': 'lib'}

A package: dir entry in the package_dir dictionary implicitly applies to all packages below package, so the foo.bar case is automatically handled here. In this example, having packages = ['foo', 'foo.bar'] tells the Distutils to look for lib/__init__.py and lib/bar/__init__.py. (Keep in mind that although package_dir applies recursively, you must explicitly list all packages in packages: the Distutils will not recursively scan your source tree looking for any directory with an __init__.py file.)

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